Process Simulation Modeling & Analysis

Simulation is Stimulating

Below are videos of 2 examples of the 100+ simulation models I have developed (using various simulation software).

Simulation for Operational Robustness (not just efficiency)
Project Steps & Deliverables

1) Operational Assessment - (2-4 weeks)
- Identify Quick Hit Opportunities for Improving System
- Generate Additional System Improvement Ideas
- Generate Plan to Optimally Utilize Simulation

2) Build Model - (2-6 weeks)

- Accurate Simulation Model of System
- Greater Understanding of System Behavior and Challenges
- Generate Additional Ideas for Improving System Capability

3) Experiment with Model - (2-4 weeks)

- Quantify Impact of Ideas for Improvement
- Prioritize Ideas for Improvement Based on Payback & Costs
- Convert Model Results into Actionable Activities

Simulation Training & Coaching

My clients' success utilizing simulation is my number one priority.  In addition to our Modeling & Analysis services, I provide training, guidance when choosing simulation software, and coaching to your team as they develop their simulation skills.  I want to help your team succeed with simulation.